Monday, August 10, 2009


Today I learned a huge lesson. I know that prayer works. I know that. I have been a Christian for what seems like my whole life. However, I think that the longer we've been Christians we tend to forget that praying works!

We've been studying the Lord's prayer. I have never looked at each individual verse piece by piece the way we've been doing it. I am learning so much!

Today I saw with my own eyes that God listens to and will answer my prayers. Sometimes it seems like I've been praying for some things forever, but I know that God will answer in HIS time, not mine. Today I truly believe that GOD allowed my prayer to be answered because he wants to remind me that I need to be praying ALL day. I need to be so in tune with him that my mind lingers on HIM and HIS word all day. Oh, GOD, make me and mold me, use me. I am YOURS.

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