Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend of Power

I wanted to share a note that a friend gave me this weekend. I have been in a battle with the devil since Saturday. I just wanted to share with you what the Holy Spirit shared with her for me.

Greater is he that is within me than he that is of this world. Remember Jesus left us with the same power and authority to even great things like he did (truth and promise!) We do this to bring glory to the SON, so he can bring glory to the FATHER. The enemy will put up a fight but we have victory. That victory was and is ours, when JESUS rose from the grave. The enemy doesn't have the same authority that we have been given.

Her advice to me and I'm passing it on to you. Write scripture down. Keep it close, read it, pray it, believe it, claim it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Power of our God

I am truly amazed (and I shouldn't be!) every time I see the power of GOD. Believe and pray in faith. Pray for God's will, not for your own gain. God does answer prayers. This weekend I saw the absolute power of praying in God's will. Rebuke the devil in God's name and the devil will have NO power at all. Yes, I am smiling. I feel like shouting for joy and praising the name of our God. Just believe. How can you not???