Monday, July 27, 2009

The Jouney we found ourselves on......

Hello, Ladies!
It's hard to know what to say on the first posting of this new blog. I guess I could let those of you that don't know about us in on our We are a group of women that decided we needed to get together, EAT, and talk. Most people know women are good at those things! We realized that each one of us has a need and a desire to be closer to our heavenly Father. We have learned that none of us are perfect (of course!), we each struggle in our daily lives with our families and jobs, and we realized that we need accountablity and friendship. When we finally all got together we realized that many of us were craving friendship within our own church family.

We started meeting at the end of May and began the journey of becoming the women God wants us to be. This has been a road to self discovery and soul searching. Each one of us is leaning something different. God is doing a magnificent work within our hearts and lives.

It is our goal to be so much more than we are now. God has big plans for each one of us and this group. We are praying that God will expand our group and draw more women to us.

I am anxious to see the postings of women that are already going through the study and attending the meetings. All women are invited to join us on this journey! May our God richly bless you this week!


Jenifer said...

Wow! What a journey that we have all begun. I have learned to start each day with prayer, falling on my knees, thanking God for the breath that I am able to take. I have accepted that I can not do it all, but I am striving to be a better woman, wife, and mother. I want others to look at me and know that I am serving my father.

This past weekend gave me a new perspective on how God will bless us when we are working for him. On Friday Night, we had our 2nd Crop Night, and although we were scrapbooking, it still gave us the opportunity to invite people with a common interest, to take part of an event at the church and be with Godly Women. I didnt get home til 2:35 am and was back up at 7:30 to begin the next day. We did the great PB&J giveaway and it was a great day to spend the morning with other people who desire to follow Christ, and to share with others who were enjoying the day with family and friends. Then church on Sunday, all I can say is WOW! We really had a great time worshiping the lord and learning about "TRUE" God taught prayer through an incredible message. We had a family reunion immediately following church and it was a welcomed break, and a much needed time for my family to gather and break away from lifes general tasks. Back to church we went, to meet with others who are struggling with lifes hurts, habits, and hang ups. I was able to meet a lady, Kris, who re-dedicated her life to Christ and vowed to recover from her addiction that began at the age of 18, she is now 35. It was an awesome experience to witness to her and to provide her with the word of the LORD. It was an incredible weekend, and with much gratitude, I think my Lord and Savior for the opportunity to work for him, making a difference, and impacting the community.

God is Great, and he has a lot in store for those of us in this group, far greater than any of us can imagine! In Christ, Jenifer

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